We don’t pick up the phone when we receive a call from an unknown number. We assume it is some form of scam. People fake traffic jams.  100,000 people die each year because of counterfeit medicine.  People make up stories about the Coronavirus. Deepfake videos get better by the minute. There are thousands of fake third-party Amazon review sites. And an important election sinks into chaos because of incompetence.

We need trust in the system to function as a society and advance. But the seeds of distrust are being sown everywhere. We feel like we are constantly being hacked, everybody is out to get us, the game of life has turned into a con. Humans don’t like to live in such chaotic circumstances and they will do everything to try to restore confidence. We need to be sure we’re hearing what we think we’re hearing, we’re eating what we think we’ re eating. Every crack in the system will be transformed into conspiracy theories, outrage, and endless arguments.

We are due for a major reset. It’s not going to happen this week, this month or this year. But it will happen. The system will fortify itself to protect it from distrust and continued reputational loss. Humans need trust to thrive. We will find ways to restore it.

Until we get there, expect to be scammed. It’s deeply human.