No, advertising is not dead. Michael Bloomberg is sponsoring a massive research study (currently at $300 million, to be doubled quickly) to show the world that a well-funded advertising campaign has a massive impact. After just a few months and a quarter billion, he’s now ranked #3 in the primaries, going up fast.

And, he also shows that money is not enough. Tom Steyer has raised more than $150 million and he only polls at 2%. The difference is high name recognition for Bloomberg and, most importantly, a stellar team of experts and visionaries that apply the principles of art, science, and craft to his campaign.

it’s pretty astonishing to see how much of an impact his advertising spend has made. The question is now when he will hit diminishing returns, will voters be turned off by the constant blast of Bloomberg ads, will advertising allow him to win states? This might be the most intriguing story of the early primaries. So far, Team Bloomberg has basically blasted the nation with ads, what will they do when it comes to microtargeting and personalized ads? It should be interesting. The experiment constinues.