How I experience the global crisis in Amsterdam

These signs can be seen anywhere around Amsterdam

Yesterday felt like a day off from the insanity. We had a nice evening, watched an episode of ‘The Crown’ as a family and then ended the evening listening to a Kenny Rogers concert. The morning was spent walking the dogs, running for an hour through the empty streets of Amsterdam, making breakfast, were touched by the ‘Aberfan’ episode of The Crown and then went for a long walk. One thing is clear: our dogs are the biggest winner of Covid-19. We tend to walk them maybe 40 minutes daily, now they get at least 2 hours.

Today was a beautiful spring day. It was cold but the sun was bright, the sky blue and the flowers were eager to showcase their beauty. People are starting to behave better, there were almost no groups huddled together. On the tight dog paths, we move our heads to the side when we get too close. It’s all weird but it is what it is. When I have distance with people, when I see them sitting on the stoop, I try to smile more. We are so alone now, forced to stay away from people. A smile in these times goes a long way.

The Dutch government wants to avoid a complete shutdown. We received an alert on our phone today to keep distance, signs are now plastered across the street. I don’t think it’s going to work. I believe we will have a shutdown within a few days.

Reality is, the weekend was nice but it ended early. Sunday afternoon Germany announced a lockdown, the images from Spain and Italy continue to shock, Merkel went into self-quarantine, and Rand Paul has Covid-19. This event is not about the normal sequence of news, it is a Tsunami. Trump perfected sequencing news, opinions, and rants. Covid-19 got him beat. It’s a triple threat of health, economic and financial crisis. Uncontrollable.

We walked home. The spigot of news opened up again today. It’s a trickle now but it’s about to be turned into a firehose quickly. Stay safe.

15 minutes from or home. Wonderful.