Whenever a loved one dies in Germany, family and friends get together after the funeral for the traditional “Leichenschmaus.” (Corpse Feast – and, no, Germans don’t take that literally.) Very soon, the conversation moves into musings about the imperfections of the deceased. You can feel the love when they share their stories.

The big story last week was “Caine’s Arcade”, an arcade made out of cardboard by an ingenious little boy. The imperfection of his construct makes it so much more lovelier. It’s great to be adored for your perfection. But it’s so much more important to be loved for your imperfections.

Brands always try to be perfect: the glossy brochure, the fancy site, the amazing perfect app, the perfect commercial. When mistakes happen, they try to turn on the huge PR machine, try to gloss over the problems.

It might be time for brands to be less perfect and roll with their imperfections. We love people for it. We would love brands for it.