“Dalli Dalli” (translated “Quick Quick”) ran Thursday’s from 7.30-9pm. (They implanted some chip into my brain, I know the schedule of the most bizarre shows). A team of two “celebrities” had to play against 3 other teams and the clock, the host was jumping around a lot. It was pretty horrible. I guess they call it a family show when everybody in the family is suffering.

“Der grosse Preis” was like “Jeopardy” dragged out for 90 minutes. The host was by far the worst host in the history of hosting: so wooden, he belonged in some forest with petrified trees or so. There was dog that played piano, sang and had a segment with the host. The contestants were locked into capsules that looked like they came out of some 30’s Science Fiction movie. Oh, and they had some lottery. My parents never won.

Ok, so I never watched this garbage. But my parents did. For 90 minutes, this show acted like WWII never happened, there were no cars, no industries, no problems. Just happy people with horrible clothes and a lot of songs on their mind.

The audience for this stuff is dying out. Last time I visited Germany, I still flipped through one of these abominations. In 20 years, this stuff won’t be around anymore. What garbage are we watching that won’t be around after our generation disappears? Reality TV? I wonder.