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445599bb189e54c71f605bd87d6f0f4b1cd6efcc_m I always loved markets. In the town I grew up, we had a farmers market from Tuesday to Sunday. Compared to supermarkets, every vegetable and fruit was fresher, bigger, better and there was virtually always something, some new thing you’d never seen before.

During the holidays, I spent 10 days in Morocco and I loved to explore to markets in the Medina. There’s something about a great market that gets me going. In a great market they know many of the things great clients and great agency people know. They know how to display products attractively, they know how to innovate in the marketplace, they know how to create effective and, most importantly, they know to engage with people. On top of that, they know how to make shopping fun, convenient and, yes, exciting. You get that feeling at the Medina in Marrakech, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or an Apple Store. Now think about the majority of e-commerce sites: antiseptic, efficient but not welcoming. Exactly the opposite of successful retailers.

How to hire in advertising Since I grew up, I loved to go to supermarket or store and walk around. I loved to take in the products, display and marketing. I get excited by that.

Next time you want to hire the next marketing/advertising superstar, take them to a store. If they don’t gush about the marketing tactics, don’t get lost in the selling of things, tell them ‘Thank You’ and goodbye. You need to find somebody who loves it.

Social Commerce (July 2011)

A few highlights:
  • F-Commerce is real. Some predict that 10-15% of total customer spending will be funneled through social sites in the next five years.
  • Some brands placed their whole store on Facebook but most brands are dipping a toe into F-commerce with limited time or limited-edition sales.
  • F-Commerce might take off quickly for “high-consideration goods” (Electronics, Sporting Goods and Baby Gear).
  • Common Facebook privacy concerns might throttle growth.
  • Overlaying the social graph on e-commerce is an emerging trend.
  • Hyper-personalization based on social expressions is a desirable feature.
  • Brands have to walk a fine line between refining the experience to be even more relevant at the same time ensuring consumers feel their information is safe and secure.
  • Retailers are beginning to overlay the social graph at brick-and-mortar locations.

Explore the presentation and the in-depth report. Well worth your time.