Sometimes I see something so bad, I need to share it. Especially when a brand tries to be funny, self-deprecating and different – failing miserably. I can see the creative team during their brainstorm:

“The script is super duper.”

“Why not add some cup cakes? That always works.”

“Make them gluten-free. We can’t risk anything with the anti-gluten crowd.”


“How about the guy gets tackled by a security guard.”

“In a library. By a fat security guard. Now, that’s funny.”

“I met this girl last night. She wants to be an actress. She would be perfect.”

“We need a cat in a funny costume.”

“That’s why they call you Creative Director.”

As you would expect, they don’t allow comments for the original posting on YouTube and embedding is limited (that’s why I embedded the Russian translation).

Need to cringe more? Go to TheBrowserYouLovedToHate and experience the sadness of forced humor.

From what I hear, the new Internet Explorer is good. Reviews are good, people are raving about it.

It doesn’t matter.

People will forgive when you have one product iteration that is mediocre or even bad. People don’t forget when almost all of your previous iterations were terrible, filled with security flaws, slow and badly designed.

Amazing advertising might have helped to change our perception of IE incrementally. This terrible advertising just reminded us of how terrible the IE experience was and why we never want to go back again.