Let me get on my soapbox: Black Friday is a ridiculous ritual.

Off the soapbox.

People have a lot of power in their wallet. We often forget that fact when we chase the best deal, the cheapest service, the next thing we really don’t need. You have a choice, you can stand in line like a mindless consumer of the past or change the world with your wallet. One purchase at a time.

Why not:

  • Supporting your local community by purchasing all your Christmas gifts in small shops close to your home?
  • Fund an innovative project that is close to your heart?
  • Change lives of the neediest people in the world?
  • Save lives by providing healthy water?
  • Give away books to your local library, the backbone of many communities? They¬†certainly need it.
  • Invest your hard-earned money in a micro-loan, supporting global entrepreneurs?
  • Invest into your mind by reading a good book? Here are three suggestions.
  • Spend the day with your family? Reading a book, talking, cooking together.

I’m sure you can come up with many more ideas that transform the Black Friday hole of consumption into a golden opportunity of making the world a better place.