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Why would they care about your vision? It’s not unique enough and filled with corporate speak.

Why would they care about your mission? It’s not aligned with the real product/service experience.

Why would they care about your point of view? You have none.

Why would they care about your company? You don’t care about the stakeholders, you just focus on the shareholders.

When there’s nothing else to care about, people will only care about the price.


What is your opinion?

a) This is a person in need of help

b) We should give him money

c) We shouldn’t give him money because he’s just going to buy drugs

d) I would avoid this person at any cost.

e) Get a job.

As you can imagine, there’s no correct answer. Everyone sees the world differently. We all had different upbringings and experiences that make us believe different stories and memes. You would think there are billions of ways to see the world. Interestingly, there are only a handful.

Think Whole Foods. There are maybe 5 ways to think about that brand. Apple. American Airlines. Political parties.

As a marketer, the goal is to find enough people with a worldview that matches our belief system and then reach them with our story.