Laurel and Hardy were always my favorite comedians. Stupidly, in Germany they are called “Fat and Dumb”. Just terrible. But it didn’t hold me back to love and admire them.

Yesterday, I discovered a home movie when they were together for the last time. It’s a touching piece. You can find it here. And I found out that Dick van Dyke delivered the eulogy for Stan Laurel. It’s beautiful and ends with this poem.

God bless all clowns.
Who star in the world with laughter,
Who ring the rafters with flying jest,
Who make the world spin merry on its way.

God bless all clowns.
So poor the world would be,
Lacking their piquant touch, hilarity,
The belly laughs, the ringing lovely.

God bless all clowns.
Give them a long good life,
Make bright their way—they’re a race apart!
Alchemists most, who turn their hearts’ pain,
Into a dazzling jest to lift the heart.
God bless all clowns.

And, here is my favorite clip.