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I started running in my lat 20’s. I hated running in school. I preferred to play soccer, volleyball or tennis. Running seemed like a burden. Once I went to college, sports disappeared from my life. That was ok for a while but once the scale headed in the wrong direction, I had to do something about it.

Running seemed to be the easy solution. No gear necessary. No major preparation.

If you want to run and don’t want to hate it, then just get out there and run. Running can do amazing things for your body and for your soul – but you’ve got to keep doing it.  You’ve got to run through the sucky parts to get to the good stuff.  Just get out there and run.  And then run some more.  Keep racking up the miles and somewhere along the way you’ll come to love it.

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I was at a conference, talking about “The Filter Bubble” and “Linchpin”, two important business books. One person asked me: “I don’t have the time to read these books. Do you know where I can get a brief summary?”


You find the time and money to go to a conference, spend 2-3 days outside of your workplace, and you can’t find the time to read each book?


Imagine your mechanic telling you he didn’t read up on the latest brake rotors because he has to drive his son to soccer practice before he gets to fix your brakes.

Or your doctor not reading up on the newest research because he doesn’t have time.

Or the quarterback not reading up on the latest playbook because he has other things to do.

Why is it okay in marketing to not to know?

Why do we expect all other trades to be up on all the new developments/research but it’s ok for marketers not to know? Sure, we can all discuss the newest Groupon bashing, the next Twitter advertising scheme but we’re not up on the newest insights on customer behavior, macroeconomic data and societal changes? Why are we willing to invest days in conferences filled with case studies and talks we can read somewhere else or watch later on-demand but are not willing to invest $9.99 per week for a book?

Sure, there are so clunkers, badly written books that should be the length of a blog post. But there are lot of books that make you think and change everything.

Where can you find training material that can change the way you think and work for $9.99? Here.

And, if you’re too cheap for that, at least read up weekly on business blogs. Here are some good ones. They’re free, just need your time.