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Holsten is a beer brand from Hamburg, sold all over the world. I’m sure you’ve seen the brand on soccer shirts.

So, as you might know, alcohol is illegal in the U.A.E. (Besides in hotel bars where the booze is apparently flowing freely.) Knowing that, I was pretty surprised to see Holsten in a supermarket. But, don’t get too excited. This is no beer, this a malt drink with lemon flavor. No alcohol, just another soft drink. A line expansion for Holsten. Having said that, I had to try it. It was actually a pretty good choice for a hot day. Highly recommended.

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I expected McDonalds and KFC. Not Fatburger. Really?

Well, after researching UAE a bit more, it made a lot of sense: More than 50% of children in the UAE are considered obese, 71% of the adult population. I guess the name “Fatburger” taps into the UAE mindset.