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No matter how accomplished you are, no matter how many things you achieved in life – the voice in our head tends to be on critical alert all the time. We wouldn’t dare talking to other people like that but the voice tends to be extremely cruel. Nasty. Derogatory.

It’s easy for us to applaud others and hear when they applaud us. But we rarely say to ourselves “Great Job!” or “Wow, I never thought I could be that good.” It’s easy for us to comfort others but it’s hard for us to give ourselves a hug. We say to others: “Try as hard as you can, that’s all you can do.” But we don’t believe in that philosophy when it comes to us.

This nagging feeling of inadequacy is always with us. It can drive us to accomplishments and pushes us to work harder. But it can get tiring when you beat yourself up all the time.

Next time your voice starts a rant, just tell it to shut up. We all need to manage that voice better.

How to succeed in the next decade

My presentation at the iMedia Agency Summit at the beautiful Arizona  Biltmore focused on the changing agency landscape and how everyone of us has to adapt and change to succeed in the future.
Jodi Harris wrote a comprehensive overview of the presentation and embedded slideshow should give you a better feel for the emotion that I wanted to convey.
A last thought:
Change is hard. Whole industries are relying on this insight: Weight Watchers, Nicorette, just to name two companies. We say we want to be fit, don’t go to the gym and watch that reality show instead. We want to learn everything there is but we never read that important book your best friend recommended.
Seth Godin calls this the lizard brain, some others the resistance, I call it the negative voice in your head. That voice tells you to be careful, to take it slow, to compromise. It tells you to focus on the easy things first, do the Twitter update, the Facebook interaction, another spreadsheet, another memo before you create something real valuable. The voice in your head is responsible for lengthy meetings, mediocre products, the constant rationalization of everything your company and you yourself produces.
This voice never goes away. It might be a combination of your parents, teachers, friends, books you read and other media you consumed. Your job is to quiet that voice down. And focus on the things you really believe in. It’s a daily effort. Because the voice wants to be heard. But it’s your choice to listen to it and stay in the comfort zone. Or tune it out and change the world.
Below a list of books I mentioned in my presentation (no affiliate links):